Poster session prospectus


The purpose of the poster session is to disseminate information on mastitis control, udder health, milking management, and quality milk production. The poster session supplements the NMC regional meeting program by providing additional information through the use of posters and one-on-one interaction. The session is designed to provide a forum for exchanging information in an informal, relaxed atmosphere.


Participants in the poster session include representatives from educational and research institutions, commercial companies and not-for-profit organizations. Individuals are encouraged to share research data and teach fundamental principles of products, technologies, and services that have application in the production of high quality milk.

This is not a trade show. Poster presentations must be factual and non-commercial, with emphasis on research, procedures, mechanisms and services, rather than product sales and marketing. Presentations cover all aspects of quality milk production. Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • basic research relating to mastitis control and milk quality
  • research data on specific products and procedures
  • new product technologies
  • mastitis control and herd health programs
  • communication and outreach


Attendees at the NMC regional meeting will include a wide variety of people interested in udder health, milking management, milk quality, and milk safety. Included are university researchers, educators, veterinarians, equipment manufacturers, dairy suppliers, dairy farmers, industry representatives, consultants and students. These individuals attend the meeting to receive technical and applied information, review research, share information, and extend their network of contacts.


The poster board (self supporting tack board) will be a vertical (portrait) orientation. The size of the poster board is 2 meters [78.7 inches] tall and .95 meters [37.4 inches] wide. Charts, figures, photographs, and text should be mounted securely on the poster board by appropriate means. In general, the posters should be self-explanatory. Companies may be identified on the posters, but table top displays may not be used. Sales-oriented exhibits are not allowed. Educational literature may be distributed, provided it is not a "sales piece". A representative should be available during the specified times to respond to questions.

Suggestions for poster presentations follow:

  • include title, author(s) and affiliation at top of poster - use lettering at least 1" [2.5 cm] high
  • keep illustrative material simple
  • keep text and figure legends short; use large print - at least 3/8" [1 cm] high
  • illustrations must be readable at distances of three feet or more
  • a short "introduction" and "summary" are helpful to the reader
  • including "take home points" on the poster can also be helpful to the reader


Participation requires submission of a 250-word abstract summarizing the information being presented.  Abstracts must be formatted according to the instructions to authors, and submitted in advance of the meeting.

All submitted abstracts will be evaluated by a review committee to assure the subject matter aligns with the goals/objectives of the NMC, and the information presented follows the guidelines set forth in the instructions to authors. Papers that are not formatted correctly or do not meet the poster session guidelines will be rejected.

Accepted abstracts will be published in the 2014 NMC Regional Meeting Proceedings.

The submission deadline for abstracts is April 10, 2014.

Authors will be notified of acceptance around May 20, 2014.

Posters will be exhibited on Monday, August 4 and Tuesday, August 5. Presenting authors will be asked to be available during the poster session during specific hours.

Poster session participants are required to register for the meeting and attend the meeting. Registration must be completed in advance of the print deadline for the proceedings. If the presenting author is not registered for the meeting by the deadline, the abstract will not be published in the proceedings.

Commercialism and Use of Logos, Product Names and Trademarks

The intent of the poster session is to provide quality information focused on educational content, which is free from commercial influence or bias. Abstracts and posters are not to be used as platforms for commercial sales, promotions and/or advertising. Excessive use of brand names, product names, trade names, land/or trademarks is not allowed. Excessive use of brand names, product names or logos, failure to substantiate performance claims, and failure to objectively discuss alternative methods, processes, and equipment are indicators of sales pitches, and is not allowed. Restricting commercialism benefits both the authors and recipients of submissions and presentations. A general guideline is to use proprietary names once and thereafter to use generic descriptors or neutral designations. Trade names may not be used in the title of the abstract/poster.


University/Government/Non-profit Organizations: Representatives from educational/research institutions, government and nonprofit organizations may participate without paying a fee (however participants must pay the basic registration fee for the meeting).

Commercial Companies: The charge for poster space for representatives from commercial companies is $100 (US dollars).  Participants must also pay the registration fee for the meeting. Click here for a payment form.

Please Note: if any of the authors listed on a poster session abstract are affiliated with a commercial company, even if they aren't the primary author, the $100 application fee applies.

Instructions for Abstract Preparation and Online Submission

Abstracts should be formatted according to the guidelines before submitting the file online. A link to the instructions is below, and may also be accessed via the online paper collection website.

  • Instructions to authors (guidelines and procedures): click here
    The instructions to authors are also available on the online submission website.

  • Website for submitting abstracts: click here
    Abstracts should be formatted prior to starting the submission process.

Abstracts MUST be submitted to the collection website by April 10, 2014. Please respect this deadline! Abstracts will not be accepted via email.

For additional information contact:

Sarne De Vliegher
Ghent University
Salisburylaan 133
Merelbeke, Oost-Vlaanderen 9820 Belgium
Phone: 32-9-264-75-45
Fax: 32-9-264-75-34

Anne Saeman
National Mastitis Council
421 S. Nine Mound Rd.
Verona, Wisconsin 53593 USA
Phone: (608) 848-4615
Fax: (608) 848-4671